Warehousing and Distribution


Planet Fulfillment helps enhance your warehousing and distribution strategy with our strong, turnkey solutions. We provide value-added, best-of-breed warehousing and distribution services to ensure you and your customers are completely satisfied.

In today’s global environment, moving your products is an integral part of the fulfillment process. Both you and your customers value accurate and timely deliveries, and rightfully so. Planet Fulfillment’s distribution warehouse services can help you meet your goals.

We manage the day-to-day warehousing and distribution for thousands of products. We offer you the expertise of an industry leader among warehousing and distribution companies to help you reduce cost, maximize efficiency, and improve your daily business dealings.

Our Distribution Center Ensures Accuracy and Timely Delivery

Our inventory management system offers you enhanced accuracy and timeliness on the movement of your products. A smooth-running distribution warehouse helps you meet the expectations of your customers and fulfill their needs.

We have warehousing and distribution centers located all over the world. We maintain business partnerships with a wide variety of vendors to offer you the most cost-effective and streamlined delivery for each and every order. Our distribution warehouse ensures no unnecessary added expenses; we offer you only the most effective means of connecting your products to your customers.

We also offer you added assurance with a dynamic customer service team who can help you solve any issues that may arise. We capably handle any and all questions, complaints, and returns that result in a customer experience you can depend on when the going gets tough.

We Ensure Safety in Warehousing and Distribution

Storing your products is every bit as critical to your business as ensuring they move smoothly down the supply chain. As a key part of your business’s logistics management, our warehousing and distribution offers you a reliable storage space to store and keep your products.

We ensure the security of your products while they are stored in our distribution warehouse. An integrated network keeps your products organized so they are easily tracked down for packaging. This strong network of advanced technology offers you fully automated tracing and tracking to make sure your items end up where they need to go.

Automated Technology for Better Business

Planet Fulfillment manages many high-volume operations, pre-stocking and managing inventories to meet any type of customized order. An efficient order fulfillment service responds to all processed orders instantly, sending the information down to our distribution warehouse for picking and packing. Once your products are packaged, the most efficient means for travel are calculated and connected with the best vendor. Our advanced network also offers you automated reporting to ensure your business with our distribution warehouse is going just as expected.

Automated technology helps keep costs down, which in this day and age can make or break a business. We at Planet Fulfillment help you save by reducing your inventory and your logistics cost.

Planet Fulfillment Works with Your Business

Providing a robust set of product fulfillment services is Planet Fulfillment’s specialty. However, our main goal is to ensure your business receives the most personalized service for your dollar. We at Planet Fulfillment believe that it is not simply enough to work for you; we want to work with you! We want to form a partnership with you to help you move your products, increase your profits, and ultimately allow your business to grow.

Let Planet Fulfillment provide you with distribution warehousing, inventory control, order fulfillment, and many other services to offer you complete mastery over the supply chain. Call us today at 888-879-6513 and let us build you a customized service package that incorporates your every need.

Our Core CompetenciesWorking For Your Business

Order Fulfillment

From receiving to storage to packaging and shipping, the fulfillment process at Planet Fulfillment makes sure your products are getting to your customers quickly and accurately at some of the lowest costs in the industry.

Warehousing/Inventory Management

Our dedicated team of client representatives is ready to take on your project! Planet Fulfillment is a solution-oriented company with a staff of problem-solvers, ready to take on any logistical challenges your company may face.

Fulfillment Technology

Planet Fulfillment utilizes leading edge software to help keep track of your products, serial #s and lot/expiration dates. We use FIFO based logic to insure product is not aging on our shelves and have proprietary logic based shipping solutions to insure you get the lowest cost and best shipping options worldwide.