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Freight Management

Reducing costs is an important aspect of any business. However, it is easier said than done to keep your costs down while making good on your delivery promises. When you need to send your products anywhere in the world without risking the financial stability of your business, you need freight management from Planet Fulfillment.

We have the fulfillment expertise to transport your goods by water, land, and air safely and efficiently. Using an integrated system that combines superior data management, reporting capabilities, and a wide range of international vendors to choose from, our freight management is the ultimate turnkey solution to maximizing your revenue, avoiding lost sales, and reducing excess inventory and costs.

Our Freight Management Gets Your Products Where They Need to Go

As industry leaders, we at Planet Fulfillment know that it is not enough to simply find the ideal carrier for your transported goods. We keep up with the latest inventory and product trends to meet the requirement of a truly global freight management company.

Control costs. Freight management is a competitive market. However, we at Planet Fulfillment have been setting ourselves apart from the rest due to our effective approach and extensive resources. We coordinate our freight management services to calculate the best choice for your loading and transporting.

Maintain accurate records. In this age of information, knowing where your products are should be as easy as pulling your phone out of your pocket and searching for what you need. We are fully prepared as your freight management company to provide you with accurate records and reports of your orders to ensure your customers are getting what they ordered on time.

Sustain warehouse inventory. As one of the most costly aspects of this part of the supply chain, we as your freight management company can solve your needs for a sustainable warehouse inventory. Our robust inventory management system enables us to know where each product is, and our warehouses store your goods in climate-controlled areas to ensure their safety and freshness.

Whether you are running a small business or are a manager in a major corporate enterprise, you can choose Planet Fulfillment to far exceed your fulfillment needs. With a host of freight management services to reduce costs and complete each product delivery, we can help you get the best route for the best price while maintaining all your expectations.

Reduce Your Expenses with Planet Fulfillment’s Expert Packaging

Weight is a constant consideration when preparing to ship your products. To get the most out of your space and reduce costs, we evaluate the many freight management factors involved in determining how to best package your products.

We provide you with efficient pick and pack services that take your products from package preparation to delivery seamlessly. Combining emerging packaging trends with industry-standard materials to safeguard your goods, our freight management services ensure the safety of your customers’ orders while reducing weight and price.

Planet Fulfillment’s Integrated Systems Offer Efficiency and Accuracy

As a full-service fulfillment company, we set ourselves apart from other fulfillment and logistics companies by offering you a complete set of freight management services, product fulfillment, and logistics. Our freight management solutions are only one part of a robust and integrated network that fully encompasses your entire scope of work.

Our freight management involves complementing our advanced technology with a driven commitment to your satisfaction and a dynamic customer service philosophy. “Our business is letting you get back to yours,” and that is a mission statement we take very seriously. We align every aspect of fulfillment, including our industry-leading freight management services, to get you a better business experience, see your products move, and exceed your needs. Call us today at 888-879-6513 or fill out our online form to learn more about our products and services.

Our Core CompetenciesWorking For Your Business

Order Fulfillment

From receiving to storage to packaging and shipping, the fulfillment process at Planet Fulfillment makes sure your products are getting to your customers quickly and accurately at some of the lowest costs in the industry.

Warehousing/Inventory Management

Our dedicated team of client representatives is ready to take on your project! Planet Fulfillment is a solution-oriented company with a staff of problem-solvers, ready to take on any logistical challenges your company may face.

Fulfillment Technology

Planet Fulfillment utilizes leading edge software to help keep track of your products, serial #s and lot/expiration dates. We use FIFO based logic to insure product is not aging on our shelves and have proprietary logic based shipping solutions to insure you get the lowest cost and best shipping options worldwide.