Product Fulfillment Services


The fulfillment process involves many stages of work. From ensuring your product integrity while in storage to leveraging least-cost routing for your package shipments, you need a company that provides you with reliable product fulfillment services and solutions.

From web to warehouse, Planet Fulfillment gives you all the tools you need to succeed.  Combining years of experience and process optimization with features and technology tailored directly to your business needs, we are able to see your goals for product fulfillment from start to completion.

Product Fulfillment Services that Fit Your Business Needs

Our approach to running a product fulfillment center combines achieving certain performance standards and goals while realizing not every client is the same. We at Planet Fulfillment understand that your business has unique needs for product storage, quality control, technology, reporting, and billing. When you choose Planet Fulfillment out of the many product fulfillment companies available to you, you get a company that is dedicated to treating your business as a unique partner while still leveraging years of experience and proven business and logistic processes.  We deliver proven product fulfillment services customized to your requirements while evolving to your ongoing needs and changing goals.

We inspect, stock, and manage your inventory, maintaining it in the most efficient conditions. Our systems track the movement of every product in and out of our facility, making sure that each order is fulfilled quickly and your customers are never disappointed.

Planet Fulfillment: Quality at Every Step of your Order’s Journey

Our product fulfillment center follows a complete end-to-end closed loop system for set up and operation to ensure you are completely confident with working with our company. This allows us to quickly onboard new clients while minimizing any risk, enabling us to keep costs down and confidence high for our new partners.

Once set up, from the point your customer places their order, our systems automatically begins the fulfillment process by receiving, validating and processing the order, as well as recording its details in our transparent reporting system. The specific products ordered are then matched to their location in our warehouse and prepared for packing and QC.

During the pick and pack phase, you will have a variety of customized packaging and shipping options. You may choose between many different forms, sizes and styles of boxes, bags, labels, wrapping, and inserts.  You can ship through USPS, UPS, and FedEx both domestically and internationally using fully tracked and traced solutions. We make every aspect of your customer delivery process completely customizable to ensure your customers are wowed at the point of delivery. We take presentation and appearance for each shipment very seriously, approaching each packaging with same level of professionalism as the last.

When your customer’s order is packaged and ready to ship, our system will shop our approved vendors to get the lowest possible shipping costs while minimizing time in transit for each order. We then pass our discounted rates on to you, saving thousands of dollars in shipping expenses while insuring timely and accurate delivery.

Improve Your Operations with Planet Fulfillment

Our turnkey process is the best solution for getting your products moving off the shelves and into your customers’ hands. With a seasoned, dedicated fulfillment solution like Planet Fulfillment helping you every step of the way, you can rest assured that your orders turn into packages which ultimately turn into smiles on your satisfied consumers’ faces.

From providing warehouse inventory management and order processing, to picking, packing, and shipping, Planet Fulfillment is your fulfillment partner. We offer the perfect balance of automation and personalized services that other product fulfillment companies cannot. No other full-service solution can operate as fast while taking into account the various critical operations that make your business move.

See how we can provide you with solid, creative solutions to your product fulfillment needs today!  Call us now to learn more!

Our Core CompetenciesWorking For Your Business

Order Fulfillment

From receiving to storage to packaging and shipping, the fulfillment process at Planet Fulfillment makes sure your products are getting to your customers quickly and accurately at some of the lowest costs in the industry.

Warehousing/Inventory Management

Our dedicated team of client representatives is ready to take on your project! Planet Fulfillment is a solution-oriented company with a staff of problem-solvers, ready to take on any logistical challenges your company may face.

Fulfillment Technology

Planet Fulfillment utilizes leading edge software to help keep track of your products, serial #s and lot/expiration dates. We use FIFO based logic to insure product is not aging on our shelves and have proprietary logic based shipping solutions to insure you get the lowest cost and best shipping options worldwide.